What happens if I underestimate my income for Marketplace insurance?

The IRS will go easy on you if you underestimate your annual income for 2020 and receive higher premium assistance payments than were are entitled to. In addition, to get the tax credits before 2021 (and after 2022), your household income had to be less than 400% of the federal poverty level.

What happens if you don’t make enough money to qualify for Obamacare?

If you don’t get a regular job and your income is too small, then you will likely get approved for Medicaid. If you overestimate your income, AND purchase it on the exchange, then you will receive extra in the form of a tax refund for the additional subsidy amount you would have qualified for.

Do health insurance companies check your income?

To figure out whether you qualify for this benefit, Health Insurance Marketplaces need to know what you expect your household income to be during the year you are purchasing coverage. (For Medicaid, they will look at your current monthly income.)

What happens if you lie to get health insurance?

If you are caught lying during the application process, the insurance company can immediately decline coverage. The incident will get logged into the MIB, which means other life insurers will learn about it.

Can I lie about having insurance?

Consequences of Lying to Insurance Companies Besides putting you at risk of being denied your claim, not getting paid properly, or having your insurance rates increase, you could end up being uninsurable or facing criminal charges.

What happens when you underestimate your health insurance subsidy?

Underestimating Your Income. If you underestimated your income for the year, then the subsidy the government paid in advance to your insurer was more than it should have been. You’ll have to reconcile that by​ paying back the excess when you file your taxes.

How is the subsidy for health insurance calculated?

The amount of premium tax credit health insurance subsidy you were awarded is based on an estimate of your income for the year you’re receiving the subsidy. If the estimate matches what you actually make, you won’t have a problem.

What happens if you underestimate your income under the ACA?

Income is calculated as an ACA-specific version of modified adjusted gross income. If the estimate matches what you actually make, you won’t have a problem. But, if you get a raise, a bonus, an inheritance or other windfall, or your income varies from year to year, you could accidentally underestimate your income.

Do you have to pay back health insurance subsidies?

There, you’ll compare the amount of health insurance subsidy your health plan received on your behalf with the correct subsidy amount based on your actual income. If you received more in subsidies throughout the year than you were eligible for based on your actual income, you may have to pay back some or all of the extra money you got.

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