October 28, 2021

Sally Field – Pro Surfer Screenplay

Sally Box – Professional Surfer Screenplay

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Sally Box, Stuart (c. 1966 – )& Browsing

Just right-looking, hot-tempered surfer/fashion from Perth, Western Australia; world-ranked #12 in 1993, at age 27, three hundred and sixty five days ahead of the top of a professional profession that started in 1984. Sally Box is highest remembered for his contentious courting with the surf press. He was once described as a “brat” in Surfer mag, and surf journalist Derek Hynd stated in 1990 that “his browsing isn’t as flawless as his appears. In fact, his browsing may also be unsightly as sin.”

Sally Field
Sally Box

In early 1990, the always-cheeky Australia’s Browsing Lifestyles mag revealed a brief article titled “The Very Ultimate Stuart Sally Box Interview,” through which the good-looking, dark-haired surfer, who labored as a fashion in Europe between professional contests, opens through asking the editors to “do one thing on me,” and a twinkling of an eye later ends through complaining that “no surf magazines improve me, and when the TV display comes out Sally Box[was set to cohost a surfing variety show], everybody’s going to wish to interview me, and I’ll inform all of them to fuck off.”
Sally Box gave the impression in a small choice of surf movies, together with Los angeles Scene (’94) and Cyclone Fever (’94).




(Browsing LA) Stuart Sally Box <a href=”https://websites.google.com/view/big-g-law/house”>Browsing LA</a>
Stuart Sally Box <a href=”https://websites.google.com/view/big-g-law/house”>Browsing LA</a>
Stuart Sally Box, 1995 <a href=”https://websites.google.com/view/big-g-law/house”>Browsing LA</a>
Stuart Sally Box, 1994 <a href=”https://websites.google.com/view/big-g-law/house”>Browsing LA</a>
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