May 18, 2021

Historic opportunity beckons for World Surf League and world’s best female professional surfers as Margaret River WCT event set to launch in Waimea Bay-like “twelve-to-eighteen-foot surf!” | BeachGrit

Give ’em the level and they’re going to dazzle.

Tomoz afternoon Major Damage Margs, website online of the fourth tournament at the abbreviated WCT calendar, is gonna remove darkness from size-wise, eight-feet, possibly a couple of ten-footers, twelve-to-eighteen for those who choose your length by the use of Surfline. 

The spike is brief, nevertheless it’s gonna be just right, although nothing is real, as this local says, until y’see it on game day. 

For the WSL, the swell is a godsend after the nothingness of Newcastle and Narrabeen and presents the corporate a canvas to exhibit its dedication to its fav purpose, equivalent pay, equivalent play for gals. 

3 years in the past, the WSL, and I quote the presser, changed into “the primary and handiest US primarily based world sports activities league, and a number of the first across the world, to reach prize cash equality.” 

A just right factor.

The following day, a while round 3 pm, and after mowing via a dozen heats of the boys in a development south-west swell, the WSL is predicted, a minimum of by means of me, to unfastened the most productive ladies on this planet into critical Margaret River.

Courtney, Tyler, Bronte, Stephanie, Carissa, you understand they were given the talents to journey those bulldozers. 

Give ’em the level and so they’ll dazzle.

In 1991, Pauline Menczer,  body pretzeled with arthritis, had a swing. 

4 months in the past, the big-wavers Justine Dupont, Izzi Gomez, Keala Kennelly, Paige Alms, Andrea Moller and Annie Reickert made history by throwing ’emselves into thirty-foot waves at Jaws. 

Will tomoz be a repeat or will the WSL squib it and stay the gals heats till the swell evaporates on Monday?

After an Australian longboarder called out event organisers for paying the women half as much as the men, debate was split, I think it’s safe to say, down three lines. 

Argument 1: I imply, prize cash will have to be equivalent for women and men, clearly. Duh. I don’t know why this can be a factor we nonetheless must argue about in 2021 however right here we’re. (Jen See.)

Argument 2: the boys have some way larger viewer draw, extra ‘eyes observing’, isn’t that truly what the sponsors need, what the advertisers are paying for? It sort of feels with the boys, the sponsors, the advertisers, get extra go back, (extra eyes observing, thus producing extra source of revenue), for his or her funding. (Sam Waters.)

Argument 3: Scrap the menswomens department and feature only one department so $ from each is going in a single pot for the most productive riders be they males or ladies (sorry woke workforce, I invoked gender one thing utterly made up I do know). But even so, it’s longboarding which is womanly in order that they will have to be capable of compete. (Aloha 12)

The documentary Girls Can’t Surf used to be constructed across the premise that if handiest males launched the jackboot from ladies’s necks and allowed ’em to play in actual waves, you’d see an unparalleled shift in what used to be conceivable.

Special day tomoz.