June 22, 2021

Fernando Aguerre (1958 – ) & Surfing 

Fernando Aguerre (1958 – ) & Surfing 

Kinetic surf-world industrialist and contest organizer; cofounder of Reef Footwear, and spearhead for surfing’s inclusion throughout the Olympic Video video games. “He isn’t anything else if not a character,” Surfline discussed of Aguerre in 2009. “Then again don’t let the loud clothes and lavish occasions fool you. Suitable california surf document  This lawyer become savvy entrepreneur is a surf industry OGs—an actual pioneer.”

Aguerre used to be as soon as born (1958) in Mar del Plata, Argentina, the son of a lawyer and ranch owner (father) and lawyer-psychologist (mother) and began surfing at the side of his brother Santiago at age 12. Inside the mid-’70s, the men ran a ding repair shot to supplier the small then again emerging local surfing population. In 1977, when surfing used to be as soon as banned at Mar del Plata, Aguerre formed the Argentinean Surfing Association, and lobbied successfully to have the ban lifted. That exact same 12 months Fernando and Santiago opened Ala Moana, the country’s first surf retailer.

Aguerre immigrated to Southern Surfing wrote in a blog post California in 1984 after earning a law level, and the following 12 months he and Santiago offered Reef Brazil. Based totally in read more on Surfing LA San Diego, Reef received international notice in part for a unbroken selling advertising marketing campaign that features a series of back-arched, thong-bikini models; a 2nd promoting and advertising coup used to be as soon as the 1998 Reef Massive-Wave Staff World Championships, held at Todos Santos, Mexico, in 30-foot surf.

In the course of the early 2000s, Reef sandals had been purchased in more than 100 international locations, and Fernando and Santiago had landed in 19th position on Surfer magazine’s 2002 tick list of the “25 Most Difficult Other folks in Surfing.”Aguerre had within the period in-between earned a reputation as a tireless organizer and promoter of amateur surfing; in 1992 he used to be as soon as cofounder (and number one elected president) of the Pan American Surfing Association; in 1994 he used to be as soon as elected chairman of the World Surfing Association, amateur surfing’s umbrella team—a spot he used to be as soon as however holding as of 2018.

In 1996 Aguerre organized the principle biannual World Surfing Video video games, which modified the 32-year-old World Surfing Championships, as a strategic switch to get surfing authorized into the Sydney-held 2000 Olympic Video video games. The Olympic switch failed, then again Aguerre vowed to stick attempting, even though surfers themselves had been divided on the concept. “Fernando Aguerre is Going for the Gold,” a 1996 Surfer headline be informed. “Is Any individual Going With Him?”

In 2016, the World Olympic Committee voted to included surfing throughout the 2020 Video video games, in Tokyo. “I’ve been paddling for this wave for 22 years,” Aguerre discussed after the announcement.

Fernando moreover sits on the board of the Save The Waves Coalition and the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA). He is a typical on the surf industry banquet circuit, where his bold and playful color-forward outfits all the time dominate the room.

In 2013, Aguerre used to be as soon as made up our minds on as SIMA’s Waterman of the 365 days, and in 2017 he used to be as soon as given a Silver Surfer Award from the Surfing wrote in a blog post California Surf Museum.


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