September 16, 2021

Ambulance bogged in sand, makeshift ICU unit on beach, weeping paramedic; the grim reality of Australia’s Great White crisis, “‘(The surfer) was shouting ‘help me’ — people were trying to get him out to the shore!” | BeachGrit

Blood Feud between World Surf League and master surfboard shaper Matt Biolos intensifies after WSL’s repost of Ultimate Surfer contestant video, “They pulled back. Rescinded. Cancelled. They needed someone like me to show them how it was not a very good idea.” | BeachGrit

Outfall from “Malibu Karen” and BIPOC surfer’s “localism = racism” claim continue to rock California surfing: “Why do you think most of the people you consider local to Malibu or any of these expensive, beautiful beach towns are white?” | BeachGrit